Parks Coffee: Protecting Your Liquid Assets with Guardian Water Systems (VIDEO)
Regular maintenance on ice makers and water coolers by professional service keeps things flowing smoothly at the office

Carrollton, TX – The ice maker is arguably the most important part of an office break room. On duty around the clock to keep sensitive foods chilled, ease pains in a hospital setting, or quickly cool a can of soda for an afternoon pick-me-up, many rely on this critical appliance every day. And when the office ice maker is down, the impact can be catastrophic...

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Our Commitment to Clean Water is Clear
Guardian Water Systems was created in 2005 and has become a major component in the Parks Coffee service model; a model that combines clean, crisp filtered water, with the rich aromatic flavor of Parks Coffee, delivered right to your breakroom using top of the line Point-of-Use technology.

As a subsidiary of Parks Coffee, Guardian provides filtered water/ice service to all current Parks Coffee customers. Guardian ensures that, through regularly scheduled machine maintenance, cleaning and filter changes, you will always have clean, clear and refreshing water. Proper cleaning of your water cooler and ice units is imperative in keeping your water source free of bacteria and tasting great.

Water Systems Ice Systems Filters

Benefits of Point-of-Use Water Filtration
- Less cost and hassle of transporting, storing and disposing of large bottles
- No heavy lifting/less risk of injury due to bottle changing
- No risk of cross-contamination from dirty handling
- No creation of plastic waste from used bottles
- Elimination of biofilm slime enhances taste and minimizes risk of waterborne illness
- No more stacking, storing or lifting heavy 43 lb / 5 gallon bottles
- Unlimited bottled-water-quality water
- Attractive styling to look great in any breakroom or kitchen
- The best health and wellness drinking water choice for business professionals
- Save money, storage space, and your back compared to 5-gallon water systems!

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