Breakroom & Janitorial

Breakroom & Janitorial

We provide everything you need to keep your breakroom clean and inviting for employees and guests.

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According to a study published by NAMA (, employees are happier and more productive in offices where coffee is supplied for them. This makes sense when you take into account the number of employees from offices without break room service, who leave the business campus to purchase coffee. This one trip takes, on average, 15-20 minutes out of the workday. Surveyed employees noted that visiting a hot beverage station at work also gave them an opportunity to talk with co-workers they would not normally interact with. The study goes on to say that most employees surveyed stated that having access to a hot beverage service throughout the day makes them feel as though their employer cares about them and their well-being.

Offering your employees a coffee experience inside your office goes a long way to establishing an efficient and creative organization. Motivating your office staff and building team morale should be part an essential of your business plan. Exceptional office coffee service is not only a valuable employee benefit, but it is also a valuable employer benefit as well. Along with delicious coffee options, we supply cocoa, tea, creamer, sweetener, condiments, cold beverage options, snacks and food to keep your employees happy!

From First-Aid kits to anti-viral protection, cleaning products to tableware, Parks Coffee® provides everything you need to keep your breakroom clean and inviting for employees and guests. We also offer environmentally-friendly tableware and paper products, made from sugarcane and plant starches or recycled materials.


Innovation in Customer Service

Parks Coffee® is the first and only Office Coffee Service company in the industry to develop and institute a program to provide customers with sanitized and sealed coffee pots, each time the routeman visits.

This unique method, the Fresh Pot Program (FPP) calls for our routemen to return each air-pot and glasspot or carafe to the Parks Coffee® headquarters, to be washed in a three-part, restaurant-style clean area, sanitized, air-dried and hermetically-sealed using a heated oven to protect against dust and germs. We offer this to all Parks Coffee® customers at no charge.

Leave the Break Room to Us

Your friendly, uniformed Parks Coffee® routeman will visit your account on a regular basis to Clean, Organize, Merchandize and Inventory (COMI) your break room needs. Once your account is set-up, we work with you to create a listing of standard for items and set par levels. With this system in place, your routeman can assess and even foresee needs to keep your break room running smoothly.

In the event that you are hosting a training seminar, large meeting or company party, we are happy to assist in temporarily stocking over your usual par, or providing specialty items, and will even deliver to a different location if necessary.

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