Balance Sheet

Parks Clean Cup Balance Sheet - Always Included

Our Parks Clean Cup Balance Sheet is our baseline service included with every breakroom we supply. It’s equal parts fresh, hot, tasty, healthy, clean, organized and stocked. Each visit our routemen use our Parks Clean Bags to wipe down coffee equipment, pantry equipment, kiosk checkout stations, cooler doors, and coffee stations. They will then organize, merchandize and inventory your breakroom needs to keep things running smoothly.

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Parks Clean-pliance Deep Clean Program

A disinfecting deep clean applied with a food-friendly, hospital grade, one-step disinfectant, we recommend the Parks Clean-pliance Deep Clean Program be done at least four times per year to keep your breakroom fresh and sanitary. Our Parks Clean Team will do a thorough individual deep cleaning of any major appliances in need of service in your breakroom including ice and water machines, appliances, coffee stations and more. We also sanitize all coffee equipment components and monitor needs for fresh machine filters and water line cleaning.

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Bean & Clean

Parks Bean & Clean Hygiene Program

We stocks your coffee and pantry stations with hand sanitizer stations, disinfecting wipes and vinyl gloves for everyday cleaning of coffee pot handles, checkout kiosks and more. Beyond the bean, our routemen can keep your breakroom fully stocked with a wide variety of cleaning supplies and breakroom items like paper towels, trash bags, dishwasher detergent, general cleaning sprays and wipes and plenty more.

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Parks Fresh Pot Program

Every time our routemen visit they will swap our rotating coffee carafes with newly sanitized and sealed coffee pots. We use a three-part, restaurant-style clean area to wash, sanitize, dry and hermetically seal our carafes using a heated oven to protect against germs and dust.

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Fresh Pot