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Crisp, clean, filtered water and ice. Our Guardian Water Systems division works to support your liquid assets.

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Guardian Water Systems

Created in 2005, Guardian Water Systems (GWS) and has become a major component in the Parks Coffee service model; a model that combines clean, crisp filtered water, with the rich aromatic flavor of Parks Coffee, delivered right to your breakroom, using top of the line Point-of-Use technology.

We Make Ice Easy

As a subsidiary of Parks Coffee®, GWS provides filtered water/ice service to all current Parks Coffee® customers. GWS ensures that, through regularly scheduled machine maintenance, cleaning and filter changes, you will always have clean, clear and refreshing water. Proper cleaning of your water cooler and ice units is imperative in keeping your water source free of bacteria and tasting great.

Why worry about keeping your office fully supplied with ice? Trust Guardian Water Systems to protect your liquid assets. Our trained team of ice and water specialists can help you find the perfect fit for your office needs, with the service and routine maintenance plan to provide your office with delicious, fresh ice, right when you want it. Give your office the VIP treatment, without breaking the bank, and buy or lease your ice and water machine from Guardian.

Guardian offers installation, cleaning, sanitization, repairs and services, as well as routine maintenance and filter changes. Should your ice or water system need a check-up, give us a call at (800) 870-8085, and a certified Guardian technician will address the problem within 24 hours, with fast, friendly and efficient service.

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Do You Know What's In Your Ice Machine?

Take a look below at what could be lurking inside your machine. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered... The pictures below were snapped by our technicians, and show actual before/after results of machines we have cleaned, serviced and sanitized.

Check out our Before & After images below to see what our Guardian Water Systems team can do for your ice machine!

Ice Bin Before/After
Air Coils Before/After
Dispenser Before/After
Ice Bin Before/After

Slime, and Mildew, and Mold, Oh My!

Yikes! The inside of an ice machine can get pretty gross, in a short amount of time. With such a moist environment,slime, mold, mildew and bacteria quickly grow and multiply with ease. Take a look at the images of dirty ice machines above. Each picture was snapped on location by our Guardian Water Systems service techs before cleaning the machine.

To eliminate these rogue battalions of bio-film, we recommend having your ice equipment professionally cleaned and sanitized at least every 6 months. Guardian Water Systems technicians are trained to skillfully scrub, service and sanitize using industrial cleaners, to have your ice maker shining like new and keep your ice tasting fresh. Contact our Guardian Water Systems team today to schedule your ice maker cleaning!

Keep Your Water Sparkling

Industry standards recommend changing out your ice, water and coffee line filters every 6 months, depending on your water conditions. Regular filter changes and maintenance keep your machine running at peak performance, and your drinks sparklingly clear.

Each filter contains a built-in prefilter to remove sediment and coarse dirt particles. Inner workings then effectively filter out smaller particles that affect taste, protect the equipment from abrasion and lower energy costs by reducing limescale. Activated carbon block filters reduces chlorine taste and odor, so that the flavor of your beverage shines.