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Brew up a cup of our freshly roasted coffee on top-level commercial-grade equipment, and keep your employees happy and productive.

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What is Office Coffee Service?

Simply put, Office Coffee Service, or OCS, is coffee provided to your office. But with Parks Coffee, it's much more than that. We provide our customers with top of the line, commercial brewing equipment, name brand coffees, condiments, snacks, and break room supplies. All equipment is regularly maintained and filters replaced by our professional technicians, to ensure you experience the best cup of coffee with every sip.

We are more than a delivery service. Unlike our competitors, you do not have to place an order before our visit. Your dedicated Route Salesman will work with you to set standard items and PAR levels, then we maintain your break room inventory from there! Our customers are typically serviced bi-weekly, wherein your Route Salesman will Clean, Organize, Merchandize and Inventory (C.O.M.I.) the entire coffee area, as well as any related supply closets. This thorough process is essential, as it allows you to go about your business while we take action to keep your break room stocked and ready to go.

Pair this with one of our other services to complete your office break area! Our Guardian Water Systems team can assess your needs and match your office with the perfect ice or water dispenser. Or look into a Parks Pantry Micro-Market, and give your employees café fresh food options with self-serve kiosk-style vending simplicity.

The Brands You Love

We work to keep your break room buzzing, and your employees on-site and productive. Research shows that when quality beverages are not provided at the office, employees will leave the office each day to get the beverage they want. As a result, employee productivity falls and the business suffers. Supplying fresh, delicious coffee to your employees keeps them focused, productive, motivated — and in the office.

And we have just the brands to get the job done. From Starbucks, ALTERRA, Seattle's Best, Green Mountain and many more, including our very own line of coffees, roasted fresh every day.

We began roasting our own coffees in 2004, offering a full array of gourmet blends made from 100% Arabica beans. Over the years, we've grown to become one of America's premier coffee roasters. But we still pour the same love and attention into every batch of our hand-crafted coffee. You'll see that each flavor has a piece of our family's story roasted right in. Our coffee is more than a morning pick-me-up. It's the flavor that brings you back home.


Leading Commercial-Grade Equipment

As a customer of Parks Coffee, you now have access to an arsenal of professional brewing equipment. Whether for your office café space, the warehouse break room, or the board room, we provide the equipment and display options to meet your needs.


Single-Serve Brewers

Brew one cup at a time with Keurig®, BUNN®, RealCup® and more! Provides variety and convenience to your breakroom brew setting.

Bean to Cup

Bean to Cup Brewers

Whether by the carafe or by the cup, Bean to Cup freshly grinds, brews and pours with the push of a button.

Open Brew

Open Brew

Traditional glasspot or airpot brewing, to satisfy the crowds. With each visit you will receive new carafes that have been cleaned, sanitized and sealed through our F.P.P system.


Specialty Espresso

If an authentic espresso for cappuccinos and lattes is what your after, we aim to indulge even the pickiest of pallettes.