Parks Pantry® Micromarkets

For an open-air approach to traditional vending, Parks Pantry® offers hundreds of satisfying, healthy, and delicious food choices to businesses in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and Southern California areas. From our freshly made sandwiches and salads, to the snacks and beverages you crave, let Parks Pantry® cater to the taste-buds of each of your employees.

Each Parks Pantry® micro-market is tailored to fit the tastes and needs of your employees and space. We have mastered the art of customization, to approach your market setup and maintenance with the ease of a “turnkey” operation. Available to select locations in Dallas, Houston or Los Angeles.

equipment & technology

Daily Fresh Food Menu

  • Hundreds of delicious items, stocked and rotated regularly.
  • Fresh, healthy and low-fat foods and drinks, available around the clock.
  • Easily create a Corporate Culture or Wellness Program for your employees.
market examples

Market Examples & Technology

Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. SHOP — select your fresh meals and popular snacks from the Pantry.
  2. SCAN — scan your items at the kiosk.
  3. PAY — kiosck accepts debit/credit cards or preloaded Parks Pantry® keytag.
access your keytag

Access Your Keytag

Parks Pantry® is the healthier alternative to vending. A revolutionary self checkout kiosk designed specially for use in businesses, Parks Pantry® can give your employees the option of sustaining a healthier lifestyle, even while at work, by allowing them to select from low calorie, low-fat healthy alternatives.


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